Ne'er Such a Thing

Ne'er Such a Thing


To Desist.
un -born, -begotten, -conceived.

‘ne’er such a thing’, a photographic correspondence between artists Rada Nastai and Freya Brooke Verona Copeland grew from a mutual sense of displacement and loss. In their attempt to recover, the artists drew from a patchwork of surviving remnants from said loss, so as to fabricate a whole-cloth.

The book navigates non-existence within the confines of a five-chapter narrative in which semiotic symbols become the driving force. By delving into their individual archives, the artists have brought together collected artefacts and authored images repurposing them while employing an array of photographic processes.

The book is unified by the visual motifs of light destroying details, while in other images, dark shadows loom to the same destructive effect. ****potential to add specifics on one or two images and their meaning the cave/shell for example

Printed using Risography on 120gsm Metapaper, the book includes inserts of C-Prints, 90gsm digital prints on tracing paper and hand-printed anthotypes on 100% cotton, all sewn in using a domestic sewing machine.